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  • DB10E-TPOE
Samsung DBE-TPoE Series 10.1" Easy-To-Deploy Smart Signage with PoE
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Samsung DBE-TPoE Series 10.1" Easy-To-Deploy Smart Signage with PoE MFG: Samsung
UPC: 887276177304

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Product Description

Part Number DB10E-TPOE


Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays

Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays
  • Enhance the customer experience by effectively delivering engaging, personalized messaging at the point-of-sale (POS) with sleek, space-saving LED displays.
  • Operate effectively in business and commercial environments with high durability, a longer lifespan, a 2-year warranty multiple connectivity, and easy content creation and management.
  • Streamline the display environment and enhance performance with an all-in-one solution featuring embedded Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) 3.0 and media player, built-in Wi-Fi*.
  • Heighten customer engagement in any retail setting with an advanced, interactive touchscreen solution.*
  • Simplify installation and experience convenient usage with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology and an adapter-less PoE+ module that delivers connectivity and power through a single cable.**
  • Rely on a proven display leader that offers a B2B product roadmap, top-notch customer service and extensive global coverage.

* Available on DB10E-T model only
** Available on DB10E-POE model only

Target messages in a dynamic way with small scale digital signage

As information-hungry consumers increasingly expect personalized, on-demand services, the use of small sized digital signage is becoming more prevalent in various business environments. Small screens offer versatility, enabling them to be placed in intimate and tighter locations, providing up-close, individualized messages targeted for specific products and services. The result is a deeper, differentiated in-store experience through proximate, interactive communication that boost sales performance.

Small digital displays can also include a touchscreen and mobile solution for a more interactive and pleasurable customer experience. Touch interaction empowers consumers to search for the information they need, and is highly effective in engaging with product details. Additionally, information that frequently changes can be remotely updated in real time. Samsung professional-grade, small-sized displays offer a comprehensive lineup to suit virtually any need or budget. With 10.1-inch displays, the DB10E models provide tablet convenience in professional-grade devices.

The Samsung DB10E-T model features interactive touchscreen functionality and built-in 5W speaker that provides an engaging and effective way for customer to find detailed product information. For simple installation and convenient usage, the DB10E-POE model features Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology and an adapter-less 30watt PoE module delivering a network connection and power supply through a single cable.

Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays
Experience highly reliable professional-grade displays

Consumer-grade displays are not designed for continuous usage, which is an important factor when considering the commercial use of any digital display. Samsung small-sized displays are specifically engineered for highly reliable, 16/7 operation, ideal for long-term commercial use in business environments, and deliver high brightness levels of up to 450 nit, depending on the model.

Consumer-grade displays such as tablets or other consumer devices, lack the durability to withstand the elements and punishment of commercial applications. However, Samsung professional-grade, small-sized displays are robust enough to withstand heat, cold, dust, vandalism and constant, sometimes rough, customer use.

In addition, Samsung small-sized displays have embedded management software, which allows users to easily create rich content and manage the displays remotely over a network. The signage is also equipped to handle multiple connectivity options. Although consumer-grade displays might seem economical in the short term, the displays inevitably become costly in the long run, when they break down unexpectedly, with voided or expired warranties. In contrast, Samsung small-sized displays are backed by a 2-year warranty.

The DB10E Series commercial-grade displays offer value-added features, such as touch functionality and easy installation with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology**, unlike consumer-grade displays. An increasing number of businesses are seeking commercial-grade, small-sized displays due to the displays' versatility, effectiveness and operational efficiency.

* DB10E-T model: 400 nit, DB10E-POE model: 450 nit
**Available in DB10E-POE model only

Deliver targeted messaging with shelf-edge displays

Small-sized displays can present digital messaging on store shelves or counters to promote sales items. They can also offer detailed merchandise information, such as suggestions for similar available products or "how to use" advice. Plus, built-in speakers or audio out enable these versatile displays to deliver audio messaging for greater impact. Small-sized displays on counters or tableside in quick service restaurants (QSRs) provide an easy, convenient way for diners to browse menu selections and place orders.


Offer up-to-the-minute information with meeting room schedule displays

Personnel can stay informed of meetings, appointments or conferences with versatile, small-sized displays placed on walls outside meeting rooms or classrooms. Large enterprises or universities can use small displays in offices or campuses to post announcements, class schedules, last-minute rescheduling or any information that changes frequently, in near-real time.


Enhance branding and messaging with POS Kiosk/Vending Machine displays

Professional-grade small-sized displays located at a Point of Sale (POS) enable powerful brand and product messaging opportunities that can engage and inform customers in a more personalized, enjoyable way. Small-sized displays can be used in vending machines to display company or product advertisements as well as provide customers with an intuitive touch screen for easy navigation.


Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays
Provide service information with Electronic Information Boards

Doctors' offices and hospitals can use small-sized displays to educate patients about health information or post scheduling information in the waiting room. Placed on the reception desk in lobbies of hospitals and outpatient clinics, small-sized displays are ideal for delivering instructions, facility maps and service information to visitors. When equipped with interactive touchscreens, the small signage can be used for searchable directories.

Attract and engage customers with professional grade small signage

Because of their compact size, Samsung small-sized displays can be used in close proximity to customers to capture their attention and engage them in activities or product information. The applications are virtually limitless. Samsung small-sized displays are designed to deliver powerful, targeted messages with rich content and interactive features to captive audiences in intimate environments.

Boost power and functionality with SSSP 3.0

Samsung small-sized displays boast the SSSP 3.0 an integrated hardware and software solution that features an embedded media player with powerful quadcore System on Chip (SoC) technology. This robust platform streamlines digital signage configurations and management by eliminating the need for an additional PC. In addition, it features 8 GB of memory for flexible, convenient and easy storage. The result is an uncluttered and simplified digital signage setup that smoothly delivers rich, high-resolution media content, as well as enhanced operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays
Streamline display and content management with MagicInfo S3

The DB10E Series SSSP 3.0 boosts business revenues with professionally polished content created using the embedded Samsung MagicInfo® S3 content management solution. Along with widgets and stickers, the solution provides six free fonts in 23 styles. The new MagicInfo S3 eliminates single-font formatting limitations with the ability to upgrade and select from various free fonts or add user-selected fonts. For convenience and straightforward content changes, users can apply handy stamps, along with preset or user-generated, text-editable stickers to update promotional information and price tags. Content can be enriched through eye-catching transitions with Dynamic Effect, a feature that enables slideshow-type effects, such as fade, fly-on and zoom. Plus, a drag-and-drop widget solution can be used to add widgets simply, such as AccuWeather®, which displays one day and one-week weather forecasts for the ultimate in professional content presentations.

Ensure effective communication with crisp and clear images

Samsung engineered several features into its small sized displays that ensure effective communication through bright and clear images. Samsung's picture quality enhancer, with advanced features that include Color Enhancer, Detail Enhancer, Contrast Enhancer and Color Temperature controls, delivers crisp, clear picture quality. The displays also feature high brightness with the DB10E-T model providing 400-nit brightness while the DB10E-POE model boasts 450-nit brightness for vivid, impactful display images.

In addition, various color modes can be used and optimized for a variety of environments, such as inside shops and malls, offices and schools, or terminals and stations. The anti-burning function enables the same image to be displayed for more than thirty minutes without burning the screen. This function is ideal when using the display as an e-catalogue or price tag.

Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays
Ease installation and usage with Power-over Ethernet

The DB10E-POE model features PoE+ (IEEE 802.3 at standard) with a 30W module enabling power to be sent through a single Ethernet line. By eliminating the need for a power adapter, displays can be installed more easily and flexibly even in small, hard to reach areas and helps to create a clutter free display environment and convenient usage.

Utilize extended connectivity options and support

The DB10E Series enables businesses to access a broad range of digital content with powerful connectivity options that include HDMI® , USB downstream/ upstream*, audio-out, RJ45 and RS-232C in. Along with full connectivity support, content presentation options can be further expanded with flexibility and convenience through built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.*

* USB upstream and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity are available in DB10E-T model only


Simplify networking with a built-in Wi-Fi module

A convenient, built-in Wi-Fi module provides users with a simplified way to control the small-sized displays and wirelessly distribute content using mobile devices for convenient content management. Built-in Wi-Fi eliminates the need to locate a PC to connect to the display or find the right cable connections. Users can easily send and schedule display content directly from a mobile device* through mobile app**.

* Compatible with
- Mobile devices with Android™ (4.4.2 or above)
- Mobile devices with iOS® (8.0 or above)

** MagicInfo Express Content Creator 2.0
- Downloadable in Google Play™ store and Apple App StoreSM
- Will be released for Tablet in June 2015, and for Mobile Phone in 3Q 2015.

Samsung professional-grade small-sized displays


Engage viewers with an interactive touch solution

The DB10E-T model features a dynamic touch solution powered by the processor's SoC technology and embedded SSSP 3.0, eliminating the need for an external PC. Included MagicInfo S3 software provides a Home UI with touch capability along with remote control, which means an additional remote controller is not required. The touchscreen feature encourages customer interaction and engagement, allowing them to search for information about products or services . The slim bezel touchscreen provides virtually distraction-free viewing so the customer can focus on the message, not the equipment delivering it.

Elevate the decor with a slim design and logo tag

Samsung small-sized displays boast a slim, sleek design with an elegant logo tag for a sophisticated look. The modern, black matte finish exudes style and improves the ambiance of any environment. The attractive display's slim multi-dimensional 14.1 mm bezel not only maximizes the display area but enables flexible installation in landscape and portraits modes.

Leverage the advantages of the Samsung global brand

When choosing a digital signage provider, you can rely on Samsung's solid reputation as a global technology leader. Samsung is a world-renowned brand in electronics and a major display brand power with an extensive B2B product roadmap.

With B2B-suited customer service for commercial environments and global coverage, Samsung delivers superior products and solutions that work seamlessly together, all backed by superb engineering and customer support.

In addition, Samsung small-sized displays are backed by a 2-year warranty.