Basic Return Policy

  • Unless otherwise stated, you have a maximum of 30 days from the date your order was placed to receive an order, and apply for, ship, and return the purchase to our returns warehouse. Any items received after 30 days from the intitial purchase date, received without an RMA confirmation slip, or received in any condition other than described on the RMA form will be refused. An RMA must be valid, unexpired, and issued by explicitly for the product being returned.

  • Products returned new, unopened, and in perfect condition with all packaging, parts, materials, and manuals that can be resold as new are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus shipping costs.

  • Products returned used, opened, and in close to perfect condition with all packaging, parts, materials, and manuals that can be resold as open box items are subject to a 30% restocking fee plus shipping costs.

  • Products returned used, opened, and in user-damaged condition, or are missing any packaging, parts, materials, or manuals that cannot be resold as new or open box will be refused and returned to the customer. If a customer refuses delivery of a returned item, the item will be disposed of by the shipping carrier, and the customer will not be entitled to any refund.

Upon acceptance, merchandise received in sellable condition within strict conformance to the criteria and return policy listed here, the appropriate refund amount will be credited to the account used to make the purchase—through the website or company where the purchase was made—in accordance to the specific website or company's refund policy. Please allow up to 14 days from shipment for your return to arrive at our Returns Warehouse. Delivery times vary based on shipping carrier and method selected. Your return will be processed within 5-7 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after receipt of the item.

Non-Returnable Products

The following products, if opened, are not elligible for return to and must be repaired by an authorized service center1 or returned to the manufacturer

  • Personal Care Products
  • TVs, Monitors, and Devices with large, fragile components
  • Computer Components
  • Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Scanners and Fax Machines
  • Devices with Delicate Optics
  • Software, Games, and Media which can be copied or installed locally2
  • Consumables or Products which contain Consumables, such as Ink, Toner, Paper, or items that degrade in use
  • Stereo and electronic equipment that has been installed, scratched, or abused3
  • Bulk Purchases (10+ items) are not eligible for return

1To locate a service center near you, please refer to your product manual.

2Unused software may be returned, if unopened, with some exceptions; defective software, games, CDs and DVDs may be returned, but for the same title only.

3You are responsible for bench-testing units before installing them, installed units will not be accepted for return.

*All returned products are subject to shipping and restocking charges, or refund rejection as listed.

**Any and all risk of loss for the product being returned shall be with the customer at all times during the shipment of such product to the returns center and with respect to any shipments from the returns center back to the customer, the original distributor or manufacturer, or any buyer through the liquidation process. Title to the product being returned will remain with the customer at all times and transfer from the customer to the original distributor, or a third party in the case of a liquidation of the return, only upon receipt of the products by such distributors or buyers.

RMA Submitted

RMA Request Form

Order Number:
must include dashes (if applicable) and match exact number of digits
Shipping Zip Code:

Order Lookup FAQ

What is my order number?

It is a transaction identifying number assigned by the website you purchased on.

Can I call sales for my order number?

No, for transaction security, and to comply with credit card processing regulations, all orders are tracked exclusively by order number. No transaction information can be accessed by sales personnel without a valid order number.

What about the numbers shown on the packing slip? Can these numbers be used to track orders?

No, these are internal warehouse routing numbers (We have 7 warehouses and 3 regional Hubs) and are not tied to your order number or order tracking. They are from a separate system and cannot be cross-referenced with order information.

This is my last resort - I have tried every number I can think of and nothing seems to work. Can anyone manually search through the millions of orders receives to look for my order? I understand this may not be possible.

We can try, but this is a long shot and we won't get back to you if we can't find it. Email and enter all the information you can about your order, including the website you purchased through, the email address associated with the order, the shipping address and zip code, and the name on the order. We will try to find it manually, and get back to you in a few days if we find any info. We have the same order look-up tools we have provided to you, so if you can't find your own order, we might not be able to either.