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What is your order number?
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Having trouble finding your order number?

Order Number Examples (must include dashes where applicable and match exact number of digits)

eBay123456789012-123456789012 or 123456789012
SearsYYMMDD-123456 or 123456


Q: What is my order number?
A: It is a transaction identifying number assigned by the website you purchased on.

Q: How can I find my order number?
A: For Antonline orders this number is shown on your onscreen confirmation page and in your order confirmation email. For Amazon and other merchant sites this number is shown on Amazon's (or other merchant's) onscreen confirmation page and in their order confirmation email.

Q: Can I call sales for my order number?
A: No, for transaction , security and to comply with credit card processing regulations, all orders are tracked exclusively by order number. No transaction information can be accessed by sales personnel without a valid order number.

Q: What about the numbers shown on the packing slip? Can these numbers be used to track orders?
A: Yes, use this number instead of the order number in the PO number field.

Q: This is my last resort - I have tried every number I can think of and nothing seems to work. I must have lost my order number. Can anyone manually search through the millions of order Antonline receives looking for my order? I understand this may not be possible.
A: We can try, but this is a long shot and we won't get back to you if we can't find it. Use this link and enter all the info you can about your order. We will try to find it manually, and get back to you in a few days if we find any info. We have the same order look-up tools we have provided to you, so if you can't find your own order, we might not be able to either. General Contact Link

Most customer questions are covered by the FAQ section at Please read carefully, before opening a support ticket.

Please understand that we get all product information in our listings from the manufacturer and they provide all the specific product information, details and use information we have regarding specific products in our item listings. We have no additional information regarding any products except for our custom servers and workstations, and therefore can not respond in greater detail to product detail inquiries. The product manufacturer is always the best source of this information.

For return requests (RMA) please use the following link: Or go to and click on the RMA icon.

Our Customer Service Support Desk is open M-F, 9:00AM - 5:30PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Support Tickets are normally addressed within 1 business day unless the support issue is addressed by FAQ section at or is an RMA issue (i.e. support Tickets opened on Thursday will typically be addressed by close of business Friday and support Tickets opened on Friday will typically be answered by close of business Monday unless covered by FAQ or RMA). Issues addressed in the FAQ section or via the RMA process are not addressed in the support ticket system.

Please do not open multiple support tickets for the same invoice, as only the first ticket opened per issue will be addressed.