• Epson SpeedConnect ELPMBP06 Ceiling Mount for Projector - White

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Epson SpeedConnect ELPMBP06 Ceiling Mount for Projector

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Epson SpeedConnect ELPMBP06 Ceiling Mount for Projector MFG: Epson
UPC: 010343924314

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For fast, flexible installation

This ceiling tile replacement kit (ELPMBP06) provides features that ensure a faster, more secure installation of most lightweight, front-projection models.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Epson Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number V12H806001
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.epson.com
Brand Name Epson
Product Line SpeedConnect
Product Model ELPMBP06
Product Name SpeedConnect Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit (ELPMBP06)
Product Type Ceiling Mount
Product Information:
Device SupportedProjector
Maximum Load Capacity50 lb
Physical Characteristics:
Product ColorWhite
Package Contents
  • 4 x 25' (762 cm) Flexible Cables
  • 4 x Wood Eyebolts
  • 4 x Concrete Anchors
  • 1 x Chrome Trim Ring
Additional Information
  • WireVice Cable Suspension System for quick, easy tie-off
  • Flexible solution provides infinite 1-1/2" NPT column placement within a 2' x 2' ceiling tile
  • Single and dual electrical outlet cutouts
CompatibilityEpson Projectors:
  • BrightLink 436Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD
  • EX100 Multimedia
  • EX21 Multimedia
  • EX3212 SVGA 3LCD
  • EX3220 SVGA 3LCD
  • EX3240 SVGA 3LCD
  • EX51 Multimedia
  • EX5220 Wireless XGA 3LCD
  • EX6220 WXGA 3LCD
  • EX71 Multimedia
  • EX7220 Wireless WXGA 3LCD
  • EX7230 Pro HD WXGA 3LCD
  • EX7235 Pro Wireless HD WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1222 Wireless XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1262W Wireless WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1263W Wireless HD WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1710c Multimedia
  • PowerLite 1730W Multimedia
  • PowerLite 1830 Multimedia
  • PowerLite 1850W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1880 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1925W Multimedia
  • PowerLite 1930 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1940W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1945W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1950 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1955 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1960 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1975W WXGA Wireless 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1980WU WUXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 1985WU WUXGA Wireless 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4100 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 410W Multimedia
  • PowerLite 420 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4200W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 425W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 430 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4300 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 435W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4650 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 470 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4750W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 475W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 480 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 4855WU WUXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 485W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 6110i Multimedia
  • PowerLite 825+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 826W Multimedia
  • PowerLite 826W+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 83+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 83V+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 84+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 85+ Multimedia
  • PowerLite 905 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 92 Multimedia
  • PowerLite 93 Multimedia
  • PowerLite 93+ XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 935W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 95 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 955W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 955WH WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 965 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 965H XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 96W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 97 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 97H XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 98 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 98H XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 99W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite 99WH WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite D6150 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite D6155W WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite D6250 XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite G5000
  • PowerLite Pro G5450WU WUXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL WUXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite Pro G5550 XGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G5550NL XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite Pro G5650W WXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G5650WNL WXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite Pro G5750WU WUXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G5750WUNL WUXGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite Pro G5950 XGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G5950NL XGA 3LCD
  • PowerLite Pro G6050W WXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G6050WNL WXGA 3LCD without Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G6070W WXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G6150 XGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
  • PowerLite Pro G6150NL XGA 3LCD without Lens
Certifications & Standards
  • UL
  • TÜV
  • Environmentally FriendlyYes
    Country of OriginChina

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