Sony PlayStation Spiderman 2

The next game in the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise

The next game in the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise

Sony Playstation Games Spiderman2 06.28.23POWER


With the Spider-Men slinging around some serious upgrades, it makes sense that the skill trees have experienced a boost, too. There are now three different skill trees to develop as the game progresses. The two individual strands focus on what makes each hero unique, such as Miles' bioelectricity and invisibility, and Peter's Spider-Arms and Symbiote powers. However, there’s now a third strand shared by both characters, which is something entirely new to the series. With it you can build on the combat and traversal skills that you would want in either Spider-Man, creating a more rounded – and appropriately — symbiotic duo. 

Sony Playstation Games Spiderman2 06.28.23PERFORMANCE


Insomniac Games has crafted something to take advantage of the mighty capabilities of PS5. Lots of enhancements that make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 feel and play differently are thanks to the system’s impressive tech. Elements like the new and improved pace that both Spider-Men can now traverse the world are attributable to the power of the high-speed SSD, as are things like instantly switching between the heroes, and big spectacle boss battles that seamlessly span across environments. It’s all part of delivering an epic Spider-Man adventure directly into your hands.

Sony Playstation Games Spiderman2 06.28.23combat


Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have changed since their previous games, which means how they play has also evolved. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned web-head to their slick moves, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Wall-crawlers’ gadgets have been improved to integrate even better with the combo system, which only adds to the improvisational fun that makes you truly feel like Spider-Man, as you can begin an air combo with the enemy-launching Symbiote Strike, or yank hapless opponents together with the Web Grabber and follow it up with further attacks.

Sony Playstation Games Spiderman2 06.28.23BADGUYS


Your opponents are bringing something new, too. They won’t just try to out-fight you, but they’ll also aim to out-think you. Enemies like Kraven the Hunter’s allies use techniques, counters and equipment to stalk Spider-Man like prey, forcing you to change up your tactics. And if the henchmen have been blessed with an upgrade, then you can expect something even more intimidating from the bosses. Between Kraven’s wily viciousness and the sheer overwhelming might of Lizard and Venom, there’s a level of brutality and strength from Spider-Man’s nemeses that you didn’t see in the previous games.

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PS5 features


  • Stunning visuals: Explore beautiful and vibrant new environments, like the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, as Marvel’s New York is brought to life in spectacular fashion.

  • Haptic feedback: Feel the power of Spider-Man! The responsive vibrations of the DualSense™ wireless controller bring Peter Parker’s symbiote abilities and Miles Morales’ bio-electric skills to your fingertips.

  • Adaptive triggers: Master acrobatic moves, execute thrilling combos and experience the breathtaking excitement of web-swinging traversal through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers.

  • Ultra high-speed SSD: Experience the power of the PS5 console with lightning-fast load times for near-instant character switching across different parts of the city, fast travel and new Web Wing traversal for quicker exploration of Marvel’s New York than ever before.

  • Tempest 3D AudioTech: Become immersed in Marvel’s New York as 3D spatial audio creates unique soundscapes all around you. Pinpoint the sounds of webs, bio-electric powers, bustling traffic, responsive New Yorkers and dangerous enemy attacks.

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